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Sign Shop Service

Client: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Project: Main Electrical Equipment Service Replacement

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Completion: July, 2003

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This project was to replace the main electrical service equipment, installed in the 1940ís. This change-over was required to be started at 4:00 p.m. Friday afternoon and be completed by 6:00 a.m. the following Monday.

This service consisted of three main disconnects, and several panels. This was replaced with a 4000 amp Cutler-Hammer switchboard. This project also required the relocation of two 75 KVA transformers that fed two pieces of sign making equipment.

With a crew of five men, this changeover was completed by Saturday night at 11:30 p.m., well in advance of the deadline.

District 8.0 Equipment Division

Client: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Project: Lighting and Safety Upgrades for the Building

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Completion: December, 2005

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This project had two phases to this renovation.

Phase 1 involved replacement of all existing electrical panelboards in the building. The client was having trouble obtaining new breakers for the old panels or they were at excessive cost. The replacement was done one by one, in the evenings so as not to interrupt the daily routine of the building. As a side note, the 23 panels that were replaced were done within a two week period. This was accomplished retrofitting the existing backbox with new panel interiors and covers through Siemens Electric.

Phase 2 involved the replacement of existing 8 foot fluorescent fixtures with high bay metal halide fixtures for the large storage areas and garage area. The switching of all the lighting originally was accomplished in the panelboard, this was changed to be operated via by lighting contactor and controlled by local switching in all areas.

In addition to the lighting changes in all four shop areas, standard receptacles with new ground-fault.

Chambersburg Equipment Building

Client: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Project: 200 KW Generator Installation

Location: Chambersburg, PA

Completion: December, 2005

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This project was to replace a 15 KW Generator that was strictly for limited emergency lighting and power.

The installation of the new 200 KW Caterpillar Generator and transfer switch will automatically transfer all power for the building under loss of power. This is essential during the winter months in that this is the main equipment storage facility for winter snow removal.

Pumping Stations

Owner: West Hanover Township

Client: Yingst Homes

Project: Generator Installations

Location: West Hanover Township, PA

Completion: 2002- ongoing

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Working with Yingst Homes, a local developer, to install several options for their new development areas. When developing a new area, the township requirement is to upgrade an existing pump station or install a new pump station.

CV Services, Inc. has installed generators at two existing pump stations for emergency stand-by power. We have also installed a completely new station with all controls and generator.

Storage Facility

Client: York Suburban School District

Project: New Storage Facility

Location: York, PA

Completion: Winter, 2003

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This was CV Servicesí first construction contract. It was a new four-bay storage facility for the school district. Electrical construction included a new underground duct bank from the existing building for future expansion, lighting, and general power.

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