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Messiah Village, Commons

Owner: Messiah Village

General Contractor: R. S. Mowery & Sons, Inc.

Project: Common Area Renovations

Location: Mechanicsburg, PA

Completion: September, 2004

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This project consisted of two, three-story apartment buildings, connected by a Commons Area. This project include the renovation of all Commons Areas. This project was in multiple phases while working around the residence of the apartment complex.

The electrical renovations consisted of new corridor lighting, including ceiling and resident door lighting. The two, three-story atriums were completely re-lighted with new fixtures. New offices, pharmacy and bank were also part of these renovations, along with a new serving area and three new dining areas.

PAC Parking Lot

Client: Shippensburg University

Project: New Parking Lot Lighting

Location: Shippensburg, PA

Completion: August, 2004

This project consisted of lighting for a new parking lot adjacent to the Performing Arts Center. This project was unique from an electrical perspective in that it was our responsibility to install an 11-foot deep, 30 inch diameter spread footer base for each of the 40 foot lighting standards. To maximize project time and safety of forming such a base, these bases were pre-cast and shipped to the site complete. The installation of these 11 poles, bases and distribution was installed in approximately four weeks.

Book Store

Client: Harrisburg Area Community College

Project: Book Store Addition

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Completion: August, 2003

The existing bookstore on campus needed to roughly double its size to accommodate the storage of media for the bookstore. The entire existing bookstore was converted to a showroom area and new storage and office areas were added.

The electrical construction included a duct bank to an adjacent building, power distribution center for future upgrades. New high bay lighting, HVAC power and fire alarm systems were installed in the new addition for the storage and offices.

New Parking Areas

Owner: Homeland Center

General Contractor: R. S. Mowery

Project: Parking Lot Lighting

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Completion: January, 2005

This project consisted of removing some existing parking lot lighting, relocating to new and enlarged parking lot areas. New lighting standards with all new wiring and two new electrical services to supply the two new parking areas was also included in this contract.

Storage Facility

Client: York Suburban School District

Project: New Storage Facility

Location: York, PA

Completion: Winter, 2003

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This was CV Servicesí first construction contract. It was a new four-bay storage facility for the school district. Electrical construction included a new underground duct bank from the existing building for future expansion, lighting, and general power.

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