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Ophthalmology Office

Owner: Stoken Ophthalmology

General Contractor: R. S. Mowery & Sons, Inc.

Project: Ophthalmology Office and Surgical Suite

Location: Carlisle, PA

Completion: July, 2005

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This 8,100 sq.ft. addition to an existing building. This new addition is for an ophthalmology office, surgical suite and recovery areas.

This installation included a new service to the complete building, which included multi-metering for four tenants along, with standard power and lighting. There was also a generator installed for the critical power.

Ellenberger Unit

Owner: Homeland Center

General Contractor: R. S. Mowery

Project: Alzheimer’s Wing

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Completion: January, 2005

This project was competed in two separate phases. Phase 1 consisted of upgrading and replacing lighting, general electrical and fire alarm equipment in the common areas. Phase 2 was upgrade of individual resident rooms, with new lighting, general power, cable TV and telephone wiring. This work was performed while the wing was fully occupied.

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