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Service Work

Out of Reach Lighting is Within Our Grasp
Bollards, Wall Parks, Canopy, and Parking Lot Pole Lighting are within EZ-Reach
for CV Services, Inc.

EZ-Reach - 47' Extended Reach

The newest addition to our service fleet is a bucket truck with a 47' extended reach!
Ideal for Parking Lot Lighting Repairs and Replacement
Commercial Outdoor Ligh Installation, Repair and Lamp Change
(Lamps and Ballasts are Always RECYCLED)
Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Available
Efficiency Evaluations

CV Services, Inc. can make a single and emergency parking lot service call, as well as offer short and long-term service contracts.

Support to Hanlde all Your Electrical Service Needs
Safety, Quality and Reliability
Facility Panel Additions and Upgrades
New Equipment Circuitry and Connections
Lighting Replacement and Upgrades
Energy Saving Devices Installations
Replacement of Emergency Generators, Upgrade of Battery Emergency Systems
Installation of Data and Communication Cabling (One Cable or a Complete System)
and More

Service Work Service Work